Being Interiors is a boutique interior design firm tailoring design services to different clients with distinct tastes and aesthetic values.

Since its inception, the design team's singular objective is to explore the relationship between spaces and their interior elements with particular emphasis on creating thematic interiors with objects of artistic value.

Although the designers' past professional practices in Singapore, America and Germany formed the foundation of their interior design experience, it was their years of teaching Architecture and Interior Design, juxtaposed with periodic professional consultancy, that sharpen their creative edge, from which new methods of designing are discovered.

Being Interiors also believes in collaboration with diverse and complementary architectural, landscape and interior design associates. Furthermore, there is a strong conviction that the physical environment in which we dwell is affected not just by economic terms but also by psychology and aesthetics. It has been postulated that the space in which we live in may eventually shape our being.

More importantly, the designers are committed to seeking new ideas with the clients and hope to transform their lifestyle dreams into an architecture that is reflective of their aspiration and to aim at maximizing the potential of their spaces in terms of human well being and otherwise.

Being Design Philosophy

The dream of returning to a spatial intimacy that “once upon a time” was composed of visual and sensory realms, which are manifested in relationship to materiality of elements, which have since become the definition of Being Interiors.

This dream of the obscure, however leads us to different levels of lucidity of being, forcing us to see the invisible with the visible in space as well as in being. Each space transcends the dreams and aspirations of the dreamer in a metamorphosis of wills and desires, all of which can only be interpreted by poesis as well as poetry. Reaching beyond stylistic influences, the space seek to evoke emotive responses through the presence of being.

Being Interiors, therefore is about the crystallization of primitive elements in an evolution of spaces that transcends time.

It is about the creation of poetic interiors where the essence of materials, juxtaposed with the luminosity of light and colors evolve an awakening of being in the realm of “sense and sensibiltiy.”